Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WANT OF THE DAY: Magic flight launch box

DO WANT!  You may ask, "Lama, why do you blog?"  To that I would respond: I am unemployed, due to goddamn school and the fact the Marquette, MI has 0 available jobs, also I need something to do, considering my probation is probably going to start in two days. 

I want a Magic Flight Launch Box really really bad, almost as badly as I want a job.  Help me attain my dream, keep supporting my little blog, and if you feel the kindness in your heart, then donate! Every little bit counts!  Remember, if you donate via paypal (on the front of my blog) I will receive this device sooner, otherwise I have to wait until this damn adsense check comes in, if it ever does... 

This is an amazing little Vaporizer, I can't vouch for it from personal experience, but I know for a fact that this is a spiffy little gadget.  One simply loads it with the herb of ones choice, closes the lid, and punches the battery into the side.  Almost immediately the little box that could fills up with delicious vapor, which the user may then inhale and enjoy. 

What will I do for donations?  NAME IT.


  1. I thought it said lunch box, i got excited lol

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  3. OMFG I WANT THIS TOO!!! It's $100 what the fuck! Or you can make a shitty crackhead version-that works fine but it just feels weird with a glass vial/lightbulb. I don't think you can vaporize synthetic weed though!

  4. Just remember kids don't drink and drive, smoke and fly!

  5. I ordered a vape of my own yesterday. Nothing as fancy tho.

  6. O.O
    I am at a loss of words to be used right now.
    Do want!

  7. I'd donate to someone who's duty was to wrestle every shark he could find.

  8. summa dat good ole wadamelon