Friday, September 24, 2010

Thing of the Day: One-Hitters!

Today I would like to celebrate the innovation known as the One-Hitter.  I don't really know why it's called that.  I assume it's probably a baseball reference or something, but who fucking cares! These babies hit like a champ.  You can walk around smoking your shit stank, and when the authorities come a knockin', you are none other than the innocent tobacco smoker.  Ever wanted to inhale extremely hot, unfiltered smoke?  Do you like hot ashes in your teeth?  Then pick a One-Hitter up from your local headshop. 

Get high on very small portions of weed, very economical.

Control your usage, really makes you aware of every puff.


Damn cool.

Hot fucking smoke!

If you hit it too hard, you get hot ashes in your teeth, no fun...

Having to pack it every 30 seconds o.O

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  1. One hitters are great but hide them in your cig pack to discourage pat downs leading to a search.

  2. Dude, i'm not good at detecting sarcasm on the internet but, it's called a one-hitter 'cause you're supposed only get 1 hit (i do 2 or 3). Marvelous invention

  3. i got a few dougouts dude i like yours alot

  4. i used to have a dugout...probably still do, somewhere

  5. @ Touch and Feel.

    If you do, get it off amazon on the front of my blog. I get money for the referral. I have links to a metal cigarette style one hitter, and the link to a dugout one hitter set.