Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Iolite Vaporizer Review

This is the Iolite vaporizer.  Kneel before it's high quality medical / cooking quality plastic.  You are looking at one of the best portable personal vaporizers available right now.  Fill up the herb chamber with your selection of finely chopped herb, fill up the propane tank, and get ripped. 
I picked one of these up recently from my local headshop for $250, which is a bit pricey, but this baby was worth every penny and more.  It is about the size of an iPhone and about the width of two iphones, and the only sound it makes is a gentle static sound as the flameless-catalytic engine vents exhausted butane.  One tank full of butane will run the device for about 1.5-2 hours, which, believe me, is a hell of a session with the Iolite. 
Pros of the Iolite personal vaporizer:
  Extremely stealthy, you could even take this baby into a movie theater.

Conserves bud.

Brings out the flavors of your herbs.

Very portable.

If your Iolite ever breaks down, the customer service is awesome.

Slightly awkward to pack.

Slight learning curve.

Can be a hassle to fill.

Temperamental if you use the wrong grade of butane. 

Important note:  ONLY use butane at least 4x-5x refined, such as vector.  The ignition system in mine actually failed because I used poor quality butane. 


  1. Why not make Cannabutter and eat chocolate cake?

  2. Or, vape your herb first, then cook the leftovers? Personally, I make hash out of my ABV weed.

  3. News on the street is that the Magic flight launch Box is the way to go. 100 dollars, and it comes with special rechargeable batteries.

  4. Man, you gotta buy a Volcano and let us know how that is. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this review and checking online to see if anywhere has the Lolite in stock.