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Short List of Marijuana Strains and their Respective Applications

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This is a short list of common medical grade strains of marijuana and effective medical applications.  This list is a year old, which means that some information may be out of date.  Also, this list is to be used as a starting point in researching an "ideal strain" for your medical condition, take it with a grain of salt and always listen to what your doctor / caregiver recommends.

* ADHD / Growdoc Seeds

* Afghani #1 / Sensi Seeds
insomnia, emotional lability

* Afgooey
sleep disorder

* Afghanica
Nausea, pain

* Afghanie x Haze
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

* AK-47 / Serious Seeds
pain relief, daydream, stress, nausea, depression, insomnia, headache

* Akorn aka Snowbud / T.H.Seeds
neurosis, stress, pain relief

* Alien Train Wreck

* Apollo 13
Back pain

* Auntie Em
Crohn's Disease, multiple sclerosis

* Aurora B
Nausea, joint pain, arthritis

* Amnesia Haze / The Finest Medicinal marijuana Seed Co
depressive disorder, appetite stimulation

* Bahia Black Head / KC Brains
insomnia, backache

* Berry-Bolt
Insomnia, joint pain

* Big Bang
Used to sedate and relieve stress & anxiety amongst sufferers of severe anxiety,etc.

* Big Kahuna
Herniated disc pain, arthritis

* Black on Blue Widow
HIV, back pain

* Black Vietnamese
Nausea, muscle spasms, pain

* Blue Fruit
Crohn's Disease, muscle spasms

* Blackberry
gastrointestinal disorder

* Black Domina / Sensi Seeds
gastrointestinal disorder, insomnia, emotional lability

* Blue Satellite
Pain, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, muscle tension

* Blue Satellite x Jack Herer
Depression, nausea

* Blueberry
chronic pain, arthralgia, muscle pain, diarrhea, muscle spasm, menstrual spasm, insomnia, emotional lability, AIDS, nausea, gastrointestinal disorder, stomach trouble, anorexia, depressive disorder, anxiety neurosis

* Blue Moonshine
anxiety neurosis, Anxiety, depression, insomnia

* Bog Sour Bubble
Pain, anxiety

* Bonzo Bud
Body pain, migraine

* Budacolumbia

* Bubba Kush
relax, pain relief
social anxiety disorder

* Bubble Gum / Serious Seeds
anxiety neurosis, nausea, depressive disorder

* Burmaberry
Migraine, depression

* Burmese kush
Anxiety, depression

* Burmese x Fu*cking Incredible
pain relief, spasm

* Butterscotch Hawaiian
insomnia, emotional lability

* Cali-O

* Catalyst
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

* Cinderella 99
ADD, ADHD, Nausea

* C99 x Great White Shark

Pain, nausea, insomnia

* Citral

* Citrus Skunk / The Finest Medicinal marijuana Seed Co
depressive disorder
pain relief

* Chemo
AIDS, stomach trouble, anorexia, chronic pain, anxiety neurosis
"not good for cancer pain"

* Cripple Creek / Tom Hill Seeds
depressive disorder, Ankylosing Spondilitis, Hepatitis C, Degenerative Disc Disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Interstitial Cystitis, Chronic Rotator Cuff Disease

* Chronic / Serious Seeds
chronic pain

* Deep Chunk
Joint pain, insomnia

* Dynamite
Asthma, Crohn's Disease, Hepatitis C

* El Nino
Nausea, insomnia

* Fieldale Haze
Anxiety, back pain

* Fig Widow
Back pain, psychosis

* Firecracker
Anxiety, depression, nausea

* G13 / The Finest Medicinal marijuana Seed Co
depressive disorder, appetite stimulation, pain, ADD, ADHD

* G13 x HP
Nausea, joint pain, insomnia

* Ganesh / Mandala Seeds
anxiety neurosis, depressive disorder

* Grapefruit
Arthritis, Hepatitis C, pain, nausea

* Green Queen
Epilepsy, neck/spine pain

* Green Spirit x Timewarp x Herijuana
RLS, insomnia, migraine, joint pain

* Green Spirit
Nausea, headache, body pain

* Hashberry / Mandala Seeds
anxiety neurosis, sleep disorder

* Haze [#k148b573]
ADD, ADHD, depressive disorder

* Herijuana / Woodhorse Seeds
pain relief, backache, muscle spasm, nausea, insomnia

* Herijuana x Trainwreck
Diabetic neuropathy, joint pain, insomnia, multiple sclerosis

* Himalayan Gold / Greenhouse Seeds
pain relief, relax

* Hindu Kush
social anxiety disorder

* Ice Princess x Bubblegum

* Jack Herer / Sensi Seeds
anxiety neurosis, ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, fibromyalgia

* Juicy Fruit
Insomnia, joint pain, anxiety

* Kalichakra / Mandala Seeds
backache, pain relief, anxiety neurosis, depressive disorder

* Kali Mist
Nausea, depression

* Kal-X / T.H.Seeds
nausea, sleep disorder, appetite stimulation, body pain

* Killer Queen
Depression, back pain

* Krinkle x Kush x Freezeland
multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms

* M-39

* Magic Crystal
Migraine, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, depression, seasonal affective disorder symptoms, mania, nausea

* Mandala #1 / Mandala Seeds
stress, neurosis, anorexia, stomachache, panic disorder, nausea

* Mango
Back pain, nausea

* Mango x Northern Lights # 5
Pain, nausea, insomnia, anxiety

* Masterkush

* Matanuska Tundra
pain relief

* Matanuska Mint / Sagarmatha Seeds
pain relief

* Medi Kush / The Finest Medicinal marijuana Seed Co
depressive disorder, insomnia, multiple sclerosis
pain relief

* Medifem SS / The Finest Medicinal marijuana Seed Co
pain relief, appetite stimulation

* Medicine Woman
Diabetic neuropathy, general pain, general seizures, glaucoma, Hepatitis C, muscle spasms, nausea, radiculopathy

* Mexican Sativa / Sensi Seeds
depressive disorder

* Misty
Hepatitis C, back pain, insomnia, nausea

* Motarebel Oguana Kush
Nerve Pain, muscle spasms, back pain, headache, insomnia

* Mountainberry
Insomnia, migraine, pain

* NL #5 Haze / The Finest Medicinal marijuana Seed Co
pain relief, appetite stimulation

* Northernberry

* Northern Light Special / KC Brains
generalized anxiety disorder, sleep disorder

* Northern Lights
Anxiety, radiculopathy, insomnia

* Northern Lights # 1

* Northern Lights # 2
Nausea, insomnia

* Northern Lights #5
social anxiety disorder

* Northern Lights x Jamaican

* Northern Lights x Cinderella 99

* Northern Lights x Shiva
Body pain, back pain, toothache

* N.Y.C Diesel / Soma Seeds
severe pain, neuropathic pain, incontinence

* NYC Sour Diesel
Edema, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, radiculopathy

* Lady Liberty / Liberty Seeds
pain relief, stress

* Leda Uno

* Legends Ultimate Indica / Legends Seeds
arthralgia, muscle pain, Insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome

* Legends Ultimate Indica x Herijuana
Muscle spasms, pain

* Lemon Chemo
Insomnia, back pain, migraine

* Lemon Haze
Restless legs syndrome, chronic fatigue

* Lifesaver
pain relief, antiinflammation, backache, muscle relaxation, Nausea, headache, insomnia

* Lollipop
Cachexia, degenerative bone/disc disease, edema, general pain, general seizures, glaucoma, migraine, multiple sclerosis, nausea, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

* Lowryder
Nausea, pain, headache

Nausea, anxiety, depression, headache

* OG Kush
social anxiety disorder, Sleep, pain relief

* Oregon 90
Insomnia, joint pain, Restless legs syndrome, pain, nausea

* Original Mystic

* Peace Maker / The Finest Medicinal marijuana Seed Co
depressive disorder, arthritis, multiple sclerosis

* Phaght Betty
Cachexia, degenerative bone/disc disease, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

* Purple Kush
appetite stimulation, good sleep
"not good for headache and migraine"

* Queen Bee
Neck/spine pain

* Romulan
sleep, small muscle relaxation , pain relief, chronic pain, social anxiety disorder

* Sadhu / Mandala Seeds
relax, stress, neurosis

* S.A.G.E. / T.H.Seeds
dyspepsia, insomnia, muscle pain, arthralgia

* Santa Maria
AIDS, stomach trouble, anorexia

* Satori / Mandala Seeds
depressive disorder
this strain can ease sleep disorders from auto-immune diseases and Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).

* Sensi Star / Paradise Seeds
pain relief, backache, muscle spasm, calm, relax, Migraine

* Silver Haze / Sensi Seeds

* Shiskaberry x Dutch Treat
Migraine, anxiety, insomnia, nausea

* Shiskaberry x Hash Plant
Anxiety, nausea

* Skunk#1
depressive disorder, Nausea

* Skunk NL / The Finest Medicinal marijuana Seed Co
the high CBG content makes it very good against high blood pressure

* Snow White
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

* Sour Cream
Insomnia, joint pain, nausea

* Sour Diesel / Reservoir Seeds
severe pain, neuropathic pain, incontinence

* Speed Queen / Mandala Seeds
depressive disorder, anxiety neurosis

* Stardust 13
Pain, nausea, insomnia

* Strawberry Cough
anxiety neurosis, back pain, depression

* Strawberry Haze / Greenhouse Seeds
depressive disorder, anxiety neurosis

* Super Impact
Nausea, insomnia, muscle pain, depression, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder symptoms, mania, mania

* Super Impact x AK-47
Pain, insomnia

* Super Silver Haze
incontinence, appetite stimulation, nausea, neuropathic pain, depression

* Super Thai

* Sweet Blu
Degenerative bone/disc disease, diabetic neuropathy, edema, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, nausea, neck/spine pain

* Sweet Tooth # 3

* Thai

* Trainwreck
neuropathic pain, incontinence, insomnia, emotional lability, Anxiety, arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, depression

* Trainwreck x Herijuana

* TW x LUI
Arthritis, nausea

* TX
Arthritis, asthma, general pain, general seizures, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis

* Ultra Green

* Wakeford
Anxiety, nausea, insomnia

* Williams Wonder / Reservoir Seeds
insomnia, emotional lability

* White KC / KC Brains
pain relief

* White Russian / Serious Seeds
chronic pain, nausea

* White Rhino
nausea, body pain, back pain, joint pain, insomnia
used with great success as pain relief, against multiple sclerosis, and as a sleeping aid

* White Satin / Mandala Seeds
anxiety neurosis, insomnia

* White Widow
pain relief, depressive disorder, pain relief, appetite stimulation, Cachexia, Hepatitis C, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

* White Widow x Big Bud

* 8 Miles High / Mandala Seeds
appetite stimulation, lethargy, depressive disorder


  1. Thats about the silliest thing i ever saw... helluva marketing gimmick, but some cancer sufferer is going to sue when the purple urkel doesn't cure teh aids...

  2. @Crunky
    I believe that the idea is to find a strain that has properties to aid whatever condition you may have. For instance, if someone had an anxiety problem it would be unwise to give them a strong Sativa. If said patient had little experience with marijuana, they would likely not react well to an intense head high. You would probably want to give them an indica. Different strains for different conditions. Same thing as say, ADD medication. You aren't going to start a patient off with the most potent Adderall prescription, the patient would likely react badly. It may seem like a gimmick of sorts, and this particular list may not be the most reliable information available, however there is some truth in this. If one is truly medicating, may as well do it correctly, no?

  3. be careful with white widow. does not help with depressive disorder. helped me straight into a nervous collapse

  4. some interesting names...didnt see "mothers milk" on there.

  5. Just when I think I've tried a lot of strains, I find this list and realise I have a lot more sampling to do.

  6. Great post!

    looking forward to reading the next one

  7. Interisting, thank's for sharing !