Monday, October 4, 2010

Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland

This is the first game I played through during Gameboy Revisitation month.  I felt that this game was possibly the most influential game to me when I was young, so it seemed fit to start my reviews with this title.
This game is extremely accessible,  whether this is the first game you've ever played from the franchise or you are a Kirby fanboy, rest assured, this game is right for you.  It's a quick play through, you could sit down and complete it in a few hours if you so wished, yet has enough to offer to keep you from being bored.
The thing that makes Kirby a unique platformer is the element of "copy abilities."  Kirby begins each level in one of two states, with or without a copy ability.  You acquire abilities by swallowing your enemies, every unique enemy grants the player a different B button attack.  For instance, when you eat an enemy bearing a Laser attack, you can fire your own Laser beams with the B button.
Of the Kirby titles I've played, this has to be my personal favorite.  I find that generally the level design in these games gets a bit "same old same old,"  which is not a problem in this installment.  Levels are fresh and exciting and background music is refreshingly arranged yet comfortably familiar.  This one will really get the nostalgia juices flowing.

UPDATE: Visualboy Advance is the Gameboy emulator I use.  This one's nice because it's lightweight and can run all types of gameboy titles from Classic to Advance.

You can find the ROM file for this game here.


  1. I'm a huge Kirby fan and I love this game too. It was one of the first games I got for GBA

  2. Never played that game, i'll see if i can find it, looks good

  3. kirby's one of my fav series of all times, can never get enough of it

  4. ohhh I remember this game! Nostalgia!

  5. I'm a HUUUUUUUUUGE fan of kirby ! <3 good post

  6. looks like a blast! i just got the new version of super star for my GF's DS